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Achievement and progression

Research projects into achievement and progression systematically collected and analysed learners’ views from programmes ranging from entry to FE in HE, often resulting in useful insights and recommendations for practice.

Initial Diagnostic – Who needs it?

Moving from participant-directed learning to self-directed learning: promoting learner engagement at HE through identifying and transforming ‘grey spaces’ into ‘non-formal learning spaces’

Ensuring Education Matters: Exploring the Impact of an Engagement Project for Care Leavers in Post-16 Education

Everything Flows: How do learners themselves characterise their experiences of 'Flow' and how can these findings inform new practises in teaching and learning?

How far can innovative methodologies support 16-19 learners and adult learners to achieve English and Maths GCSE?

Development of a learner focused methodology as the core of a holistic learning journey

Learner voice in schools and making choices post 16

How far does target setting improve individual performance in adult ESOL E3 provision and Media and Performing Arts BTEC Extended/Subsidiary Diplomas?

Improving Learner Engagement in GCSE/FS maths and English.