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Research projects focussing on ESOL led to a diverse range of findings, from how to embed ESOL into Vocational Education and Training (VET) programmes to effective assessment of learners’ progress in these areas. Practitioner researchers also focussed on how to activate learning and engage learners, for example, through technology-rich and creative learning techniques. The ESOL Exhibition site also features rich resources for practitioners, including vocational and embedded learning and learner materials.

Learner-led discussion in the ESOL classroom

If ESOL learners are disadvantaged when moving on to Functional Skills, how can we bridge the gap?

Recognising and working with emergent language in the ESOL classroom Part 2: Interaction and learning in small group conversations

What is the impact of a synthetic phonics-based approach when teaching literacy to emerging ESOL adults?

Is a democratic ESOL class a reality or an oxymoron?

Engagement through Creativity and Voice – Alternative teaching and learning methods with beginner ESOL learners.

Capturing and working with emergent language in the ESOL classroom