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Research projects focussing on Maths led to a diverse range of findings, from how to embed English into Vocational Education and Training (VET) programmes to effective assessment of learners’ progress in these areas. Practitioner researchers also focussed on how to activate learning and engage learners, for example, through technology-rich and creative learning techniques. The Maths Exhibition site also contains a wealth of teaching and learning, planning and assessment resources, videos and case studies for practitioners, including a section for work-based learning.

Re-sitting GCSE Maths; do growth mindset messages make a difference?

Developing Grit on GCSE Programmes

Will completing an additional formative assessment tool, prior to undertaking practice tests, help to improve pass rates for Functional Skills Maths L2?

Matching the Words to the Calculations – Making Sense of Functional Skills Questions and Tasks.

Investigate blended/distance learning as part of the curriculum offer for maths to increase enrolments and retention.