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Learner voice in schools and making choices post 16

Is a democratic ESOL class a reality or an oxymoron?

You are not alone: In what ways can collaboration between NQTs and trainee teachers enhance their professional practice in the diverse FE and skills sector?

How sensitive do you need to be? The role of the facilitator in a 21st century FE business classroom

Formative assessment in a vocational context

Self-assessment: there's more than one way to take a selfie.

How does the use of scaling from the OSKAR framework impact upon student progress and emotional well-being?

FAB2 Digital Resilience: the NOT dumping tech way

From inside adult voluntary and community learning, curriculum design, content and delivery: who decides?

What is Practitioner-Led Action Research (PLAR)?

SEND discussion group

Action Research Pearltree

Participants of Practitioner Research Programme 2014-15 share their experience.

Development of a learner focused methodology as the core of a holistic learning journey

How far can innovative methodologies support 16-19 learners and adult learners to achieve English and Maths GCSE?

Will completing an additional formative assessment tool, prior to undertaking practice tests, help to improve pass rates for Functional Skills Maths L2?

Will our Virtual Maths Centre (Maths Central) increase learner confidence and greater success in maths skills?

Initial Diagnostic – Who needs it?

Learner-led discussion in the ESOL classroom

Learner’s perspectives on the use of online resources for increasing confidence in GCSE maths.

Learning Buddies

Can vocational subjects, such as catering, improve manual dexterity?

Enhanced creativity through technology in English with a focus on punctuation

Let’s be employable!!

Design and pilot a mechanical aptitude initial assessment which is contextualised to the engineering sector.

Assessing levels of dyslexia amongst multilingual learners in order to improve teaching practice, target setting and achievement

Increasing confidence and competence for teaching Controlled Assessments on the GCSE English re-take course

The Healing Power of Creativity in Prisons: how do we empower ownership for the Employment and Training Portfolio?

Everything Flows: How do learners themselves characterise their experiences of 'Flow' and how can these findings inform new practises in teaching and learning?

Measuring the impact of strategies that develop independent learning skills

Blended Approach to Professional Development of Experienced Teachers: A Case Study

Personality and vocabulary in ESOL

Investigating student perceptions of the value of work experience: What makes a work experience placement successful?

How can Creative Industries work with local employers to build relationships that enhance both student experience and assist with teacher training?

Developing Grit on GCSE Programmes

How do we know our learners are learning?

Vote for Success

How can English tutors develop strategies to engage adult entry level learners, and view information technology as a positive and effective way to develop their skills?

What are the educational benefits of using mobile technology in a classroom setting?

Mobile phones: Can they support dyslexic students in retaining information from lessons?

Creating accessible learning resources

The Exploration and Identification of Mobile Phone Apps to Assist Students with Specific Learning Difficulties in their Learning (SpLD

Motivating teaching with modern technologies

Compare and contrast the effectiveness of the TSSP and ASSP resources

Unfolding the arms: the digital resilience project

Tea for two: mentoring relationships in the transition from FE to HE in PCET Teacher Education

Evaluating the most effective advice and support mechanisms for progressing an individual from student to classroom volunteer, in the WEA.

Ensuring Education Matters: Exploring the Impact of an Engagement Project for Care Leavers in Post-16 Education

Does teaching literature to ESOL and Functional English learners promote deeper emotional participation of the students in the process of learning a new language?

Introducing Digital Technology – a report on the longer term impact of an action research project (1) What kind of e-network might bring benefits for students, teachers and employers involved in Animal Studies courses at Easton and Otley College? (2)

BTEC: Are we adequately preparing our students with the skills required in HE?

Breaking the digital barriers

Engaging learners and employers using new technologies

More than just a workshop? (CPD through modelling good practice)

To demystify Traineeships and explore how to develop and improve effective Traineeship Programmes

The impact of using online resources on apprentices’ Functional Skills achievement.

What is effective practice in the marking of spelling, punctuation and grammar?

Flipping Learning in Hair, Beauty Therapy and Catering

What are the key factors required to provide both safe and engaging learning through social media?

How can we use learning technology on our travel and tourism courses to promote collaborative learning both in the classroom and in blended learning?

If ESOL learners are disadvantaged when moving on to Functional Skills, how can we bridge the gap?

Virtually Written: exploring the efficacy of Google tools for promoting collaboration and language

Developing an Interactive Virtual Learning Environment to Support ESOL Learners Researcher’s name

Using Technology to support the Functional Maths for 16-18 year old Apprentice students in the workplace

Recognising and working with emergent language in the ESOL classroom Part 2: Interaction and learning in small group conversations

Student Voice: The Role of the Learning Support Assistants within offender education: can they enhance the teaching and learning offer?

Moving from participant-directed learning to self-directed learning: promoting learner engagement at HE through identifying and transforming ‘grey spaces’ into ‘non-formal learning spaces’

Exploring the effectiveness of different uses of tablet computers for adult learners with autism spectrum condition studying Functional Skills English

Action Research into Effective CPD: Improving the impact of teachers’ CPD

Assessing autism and providing strategies for tutors, including individual plans.

Re-sitting GCSE Maths; do growth mindset messages make a difference?

Do starter activities have an impact on lessons or learning?

Assessing & measuring the impact of using cultural venues as an educational resource for disadvantaged adults

Assessing the impact of assessment for learning focussing on learner progress and achievement

Improving Academic Literacy in Foundation Degree students using interactive blended learning resources